Life Ascending

The Ten Great Inventions of Evolution


Here's a few articles on subjects related to chapters in Life Ascending


Photosynthesis An article for New Scientist on the evolution of photosynthesis and how oxygen transfigured the planet. Life's a gas

Origin of Life An article for New Scientist on why deep sea alkaline vents are the cradle of life. Cradle of Life

Sex An article for New Scientist on why sex evolved in the first place. The origin of Sex

Hot Blood An article for New Scientist on why carbon-nitrogen balance may have spurred the evolution of endothermy. The Furnace Within

Sight Aimed at ophthalmologists, but hopefully accessible enough to be enjoyed by others too. Darwin and the Eye

Ageing An original hypothesis on why we age and why antioxidants don't help Double-Agent Theory

Death An article for Nature on the curious phenomenon of cell death in bacteria and algal blooms. Origins of Death

Extinction An article for Nature on why life nearly got wiped out at the end of the Permian period. Book of Death

Consciousness Journal article aimed at doctors, asking how far medicine can test quantum theories of consciousness. Quantum Mind

Complex Cell A technical book chapter detailing an original theory on why mitochondria are the key to complex life. Key to Complexity